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SUV Rollovers and Your Dog
Most Americans with dogs drive cars, increasing their risk for car and truck accidents and SUV rollovers; most folks in New York City don’t. They ride the subway or bus, but if you have a dog, sneaking Rover on and off isn’t going to fly with the law.  Unless your pooch is a guide dog, you’ve got a problem.

Please drive safely.  That means no driving with a dog on your lap when you’re behind the wheel.

What the heck was Pres. George W. Bush thinking when he let Barney drive his truck? Doesn't this guy hate trial lawyers?

Barney & Bush

White House photo by Eric Draper

Remember, your life and your dog’s depend on your driving safely, so don’t do this either:

SUV rollover

 And never let your dog get behind the wheel alone. Unfortunately, more than a few have been known to try this. It certainly increases your chances of for a lawsuit, and can also be a problem for your insurance.

If your dog gets behind the wheel, no matter how sober, it may not live long enough to ever drive again. Don’t let this happen to you:


If statistics on SUV rollover crashes, truck injuries, and deaths are a factor in your decision, dog safety harnesses and seat belts may not help Rover if your SUV or pick-up truck is in a crash. Many personal lawyers are likely to tell you that. The sheer number of SUV recalls and class action lawsuits are a good indication that sports utility vehicles and trucks might not be quite as safe as you thought for you and your dog.

Please drive safely.  That means no driving with a dog on your lap when you’re behind the wheel.

The Right Way To Rollover
Teaching your pup to rollover is a challenge, but will give both of you a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment when you’re finished.

Here’s a hint: think Halloween. 
Tricks-for-treats part of motivating Rover to rollover. See how Bentley learned to do it.

Was your dog exposed to asbestos, or have mesothelioma?


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