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Sit-and-Stay Award
to New York City´s Park Police

Who:   NYC Parks Department Enforcement Officers who issued $250.00 fine and summons for unauthorzed puppy-party with gatherings of "more than 20 persons...in any park... without a permit.

What:  The Statute Alleged to have been violated:

New York City, N.Y., Rules, Tit. 56, § 1-05
(a) Assemblies, meetings, exhibitions
(2) No person shall hold any public meeting or assembly or perform any ceremony or make a speech, address or oration when more than 20 persons may reasonably be expected to be in attendance in any park or park street without a permit

Where:  Bennett Park (1.8 acres) (Washington Heights)
             W. 183 St., Ft. @ Washington Ave, @ Pinehurst Ave
             New York, New York
             Borough of Manhattan, New York County

Directions to the Scene of the Fine:  
Click the Parks Dept. logo for directions on how to bring your pup for a playdate with Byron in Bennet Park


Why:   For crashing Byron´s (Lab-mix) mild-mannered birthday celebration thrown by his human companons, while Byron munched treats with his dog and people friends

Good News:   Park´s enforcement dropped the fine and rescineded the summons after the interventon of a New York Daily News  reporter.

Food for Thought:    Was this an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars by Parks Department employees, with time and energy that could have been devoted to other needs?

 Joel R. Zand, Esq. is not affiliated with NYC´s Park Police.  See my


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